About Gestaltor#

Gestaltor product page is a visual editor for glTF files. The desktop application is developed by UX3D and available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Khronos glTF Extensions#

Gestaltor supports glTF 2.0 and following Khronos glTF extensions:.

Gestaltor can load and save an asset using all available file extensions specified by glTF:

  • .glb

  • .gltf

Steam vs.

The only difference between these versions is the shop and its license system.

Community vs. Professional#

The Gestaltor Community version is for non-commercial usage only. It fully supports all glTF 2.0 features plus all extensions like the Professional version. The Community version allows storing glTF files up to 2MB.

The Gestaltor Professional version does not have this limitation.