The GUI consists of a main widget - the viewport - and several other widgets for editing and optimizing glTF assets. The widgets - except the main widget - can be hidden, rearranged and detached depending on the user’s needs.

Viewport Settings#

These settings are editor specific properties which are not stored inside glTF - as it is not possible - but that do have an impact on the visual output. For instance, most glTF web viewers do have similar predefined settings. These parameters do help to adapt to e.g. change the environment light by defining a custom .hdr file.


The viewport shows the rendered output of the current glTF. Property changes are updated automatically. The visual output is aligned with the official glTF Sample Viewer from Khronos. Hence, the viewport does allow a WYSIWYG editing of the glTF asset.


The default scene of glTF is resolved in the hierarchy. The hierarchy tree consists of the scene as the root element and the linked nodes as the child elements. It is visualized, if a node contains a mesh, light or does contain similar glTF objects. It is possible to toggle the rendering mode of the mesh and to completely hide and unhide a selected node. By right clicking a node, several operations like adding a node are possible.


All available glTF objects plus imported assets like images are listed here. Furthermore, creating new or duplicating existing elements is possible in this widget as well. Listed elements in this widget are all stored in glTF. Unused objects can be finally deleted in this widget.


If a glTF object is selected either in the viewport, hierarchy or content widget, the Inspector is showing the glTF objects properties. Furthermore, all property values can be modified and edited in this widget on the fly. The changes are also visible in the Viewport widget.


The logger is reporting additional information about executing commands.


This widget is not visible by default and can be enabled by the menu view item. The Statistics widget allows to generate information about the current glTF.