… Create a Screenshot from the Command Line Interface#

  1. Specify a glb or glTF file using the -i, -\-input option. E.g. VC

Gestaltor.exe -i "C:\VC.gltf"

  1. Add an output path for the rendered image.

Gestaltor.exe -i "C:\VC.gltf" -o "C:\output_image.png"

  1. Specify the resolution, in this case it is Full HD.

Gestaltor.exe -i "C:\VC.gltf" -o "C:\output_image.png" -x 1920 -y 1080

  1. This glTF has several camera objects. Pass a camera’s index to render the scene from the camera’s point of view. In this case camera 11 is used.

Gestaltor.exe -i "C:\VC.gltf" -o "C:\output_image.png" -x 1920 -y 1080 -c 9

  1. Execute the command and view the rendered image at the output path.