… Create a Basic Animation in Gestaltor#

Gestaltor supports creating basic animations inside the editor.

  1. Open a glTF File > Open… in the menu bar. e.g. the Dragon Attenuation

  2. Pick in the Viewport widget the Dragon.

  3. Press Apply Transform in the Inspector widget. The transformation of the node is applied to the mesh …

  1. … and the material has to be adapted to the new mesh dimension. Navigate to the material of the Dragon.

  1. As the mesh is now 4 times larger, the thickness factor must become a quarter of it. Adjust the Thickness Factor from 2,27 to 0,5675.

  2. Open in the menu Create > Animation… and set the following values for a turntable effect.

  1. Move the node a little bit from the Cloth Backdrop and start the animation.